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Be a Black Hawks Sponsor!


As a youth not for profit club we rely on member dues, sponsorships and donations to help fund the team through the season.


Sponsorships are used to help with scholarships for those players not able to cover the

team dues, as well as pay for field use, referees for matches, travel expenses when we travel to

play teams in Utah and California etc. Sponsorships help pay for the following:


* Fields used for practice through the season


* Field equipment ( flags, cones, boundary rope etc.)


* Practice equipment such as tackle pads, tackle bags, hit shields, tackle suits, balls, color

coded vests, 


* Clothing - team jerseys, team T-Shirts, shorts, socks, tracksuits, hoodies, team hats etc.


* Medical kit that includes all needed accessories for the players that are used in large numbers

such as wraps, bandages, cold packs, sports tape, heat rub, band-aids, neosporin, antiseptic

spray etc. 


* Rugby post pads that cover the goal posts from players accidentally running into them.


* Travel - we would love to be able to rent a van to transport the team to and from all away

games, especially for those who don't have transportation with family. We will also have magnetic decals with corporate sponsor logos on them to place on

the side of the travel vehicle. 


* Scholarships - there are those less fortunate boys who would love to play rugby and be a part

of our team but can’t necessarily afford the team dues in full and need financial assistance. Please contact Coach Leonard directly to discuss at 702-409-8955.


* Other team financial obligations - The team has several financial obligations that need to be

met each season such as insurance, USA rugby team fees, accounting fees etc. 


* End of season team banquet and medal presentation.


Click any ICON to be redirected to the sponsors website.
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