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Black Hawks keep rising to the TOP!

Yesterday marked the first round of NYRO 7's High School Boys State Championship Finals Tournament, a day the Black Hawks had been looking forward to since practice began in August 2015. With three matches set for the Hawks, victory was a palatable taste in the air and the taste of VICTORY was sweet!

Our first match began with players all too familiar to each other, Black Hawks A Team VS Black Hawks B Team. While playing your brothers on the pitch might be hard, both longed for the victory. Black Hawks A Team claimed the win 58 to 0. Though the A Team proved challenging the B Team walked away knowing this loss will lead them to future victories as they gain more experience from playing the best!

Our second match was Black Hawks B Team VS Wildcats. Our B Team Hawks just came off of a loss against A Team but were hungry for the victory that their brothers had claimed earlier. Walking onto the pitch they each pick their man, mark the ball and claim their victory! Black Hawks B Team dominated the field with a score of 48 to 0!

Our third and final match was Black Hawks A Team VS LVRA. The rivalry between the two teams runs deep and meeting on the pitch is always filled with intensity and excitment! Our Hawks hard work, dedication and pure love for this sport shines bright as they claim the win against LVRA! Undefeated the Black Hawks A Team has secured their position with a win of 22 to 12 over LVRA.

Congratulations Black Hawks to another successful day of rugby! Keep up the hard work!

Come and join us February 27th at Charlie Frias Park for the Final rounds of NYRO 7's High School Boys State Championship Finals. We love and appreciate your support so please join us!

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